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2014 spring - 2015 winter

Jot Retrospective (pdf)

Where we started

In 2014, many services offered real time chat (1:1 and group). However, they assumed you – the sender – knew who was interested in talking about the same thing you were, in the moment you were thinking it.

And for the instances when the audience for your thought was not clear, there were a range of tools for broadcasting a piece of media, but none expressly designed for the resulting conversation to be the foremost part of the service.

On the continuum between directed messaging and broadcast publishing, we saw a space for a service for the moments when you wanted to talk about something specific, but were unclear who else felt similarly.

Where we ended up

Jot encouraged a vibrant community to emerge atop it. A community that upheld it's collaboratively defined values, developed its own slang and self-organized in person meetups in cities across the U.S. A community whose enthusiasm attracted – and led to us taking on – venture capital investment.