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2016 winter - 2018 spring

Baskets Retrospective (pdf)

Where we started

In fall 2016, we began designing the live video experience for Chalk. For the feature to succeed, we recognized it needed to be necessary and obviously different from the experience other services were offering.

We approached the above by looking for an emerging live video behvaior Chalk could better serve. A behavior that was:

Of all the behaviors we noticed, live selling best met our criteria. These Periscope and Facebook Live sales were growing in frequency, viewership and revenue. All the while, the sales workflows the small businesses and collectors hosting them had improvised were breaking down.

After a period of research, we shifted our attention from Chalk to building Baskets as a standalone product. The tool would evolve into a real time sales dashboard for sellers to automatically track incoming orders and for viewers to receive purchase confirmation in-stream.

Where we ended up

Baskets helped sellers multiply the revenue they were able to generate through Facebook Live sales and in the process, we built customer base of collectors and small to medium sized businesses who paid a monthly fee to access the tool.